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Hello! There are two new Its time For Songs on the video page!
Visit the Water wonders page to learn more about crawdads!

 Go to Recipes and Ideas to get the Giant big top cupcake recipe and more!!!

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Winners for April were.....
Patches and Tweedle D!

New Contests:

We need more ideas for videos! We don't know what to do so please comment and give us ideas for new shows, topics for water wonders, recipe ideas for cooking with Misty and Hershey, and dares for the Daring dogs. If you want to know more about submitting ideas, go to the contest page! :)
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The video page is updated! Cooking with Misty & Hershey and The daring dogs are in Television format now! You can watch them like a real t.v show with our webkinz comercials! Make sure to check it out! Click here to go there! And the video below is a new video we made about our website!
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